Friday, October 10, 2014

Chipotle Powder

We have had a bumper crop of jalapenos this year and boy are they spicy! 
I made jelly and pickled peppers and tried my hand at Chipotle Powder.
There are oodles of sites online to help make this.
Google it and see what I mean.
I used green and red peppers...just because.
I have now made two batches in my hubby's smoker.
In the first batch, I just cut the stem end off. 
In the second batch, I sliced them in half, leaving the membrane and seeds in tact.
Slicing the peppers in half really cut down the cooking time and the end result seems to be the same.
I started to use my mortar and pestle, but quickly switched to a grinder...
This stuff will clear your sinuses in a heart beat.
Powerful and fantastic!
Roasting peppers for the freezer next.  

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Michelle said...

That looks so good to me. I love spicy flavors.