Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Best News...EVER

We, at the NutHouse, have had a couple weeks filled with some stressful situations.
An ambulance ride, an MRI and EKGs, a domestic well that pumps no water and pump companies that are too busy to come out to confirm that we are indeed at the bottom of the hole. 
 Laundry baskets are bulging...water is being heated in pots to wash dishes and hands. 
Showers are being taken at three different homes, thanks to family members who have opened their showers to us.
BUT all that pales in comparison to the wonderful news we received on Monday.
After nearly a year of two surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation this lady is CANCER FREE.
Nothing better.
Take a peak and a listen to this video.
My favorite hymn ever.
In Rome.
Gorgeous singers.
The bagpipes opened the floodgates of tears.
Anything Scottish where Mom is concerned, you know.


MoriDawn said...

I feel horrible I had no clue you were going thru all this. We still have water you can come over here and use. Praise God for the good news on your mama. . Big hugs my friend

Emie Kay said...

Praising God with you for your mom's healing and praying with you for the other stresses in life. You are always welcome in Three Rivers for showers, rest, sleepovers and hiding out, or coffee. :-) emie

Melinda said...

So sorry for the extra stress in your life! Being without water is awful! But rejoicing with you at your mom's healing!