Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dinner Idea From a New Favorite Blog

It has been so stinking hot around here for so long, it is easy for me to lose the momentum and gumption to cook properly for my family. 
 Nothing sounds good.
The kitchen gets hot and my energy level in heat plummets to nearly nil.
BUT with kids in school, hubby hard at work providing for our family, it is my job to prepare sustenance for them. 
I have not reverted to fast food as a quick fix since I lost 80 pounds and I am determined to keep it that way
Like any other parent, timing dinner can be tricky. 
 There are work and college class schedules to contend with. 
Then there are and practices as well as meetings. 
And none of the times are consistent.
 I am planning a post sharing what I find works for us...most of the time. 
 That will be coming soon, but this past week has been one for the record books with events...planned and unplanned. 
For now, I wanted to share a blog that I adore and a recipe that will become a regular as well as  go to in the freezer. 
Lorie's blog, LoriesMississippiKitchen is filled with gorgeous photos like the one below, scrumptious recipes and personality.
This Turkey Taco Quinoa Bake is full of filling, good for you ingredients. 
I used red quinoa because that is what I had. 
The turkey,  black beans and tomatoes are very filling without feeling heavy and the spice was perfect for all of us.  
Another thing that Lorie does on all of her recipes is shares her "notes".
These are suggestions or tips concerning the recipe that I, as a reader, appreciate a great deal.
This recipe makes a bunch! 
 For our family of 5, it fed us twice. 
Next time. I will divide it into two pans and freeze one for later. 
 Nothing better that having ready entrée in the freezer...add a quick salad and veggie and dinner is served.
The only thing I did that is different than Lorie's recipe is I left the cheese off of one corner of the pan. 
 As much as I adore cheese, I don't eat it on a regular basis anymore. 
I did top my portion with some diced avocado and a small dollop of sour cream.
It has been lunch for me this week as well. 
It stands up to reheating perfectly.
What is your go to meal when life is crazy?

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