Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The day before school started around here, we celebrated my mother in law's 91st birthday
We had a lovely time and everyone was able to attend except my nephew who is away at college and working  and my brother in law who is visiting HIS mother in the Azores.

School began last Monday and I must say that there is no "easing back" into school these days.
 Lollipop Pop came home with  gobs of homework and a quiz to study for the next day. 
Sugar Plum Fairy was great the first two days, but I could feel a meltdown on the horizon.
Homework was taking every bit of 4 hours (staying focused and on task was posing challenges)
  Full blown meltdown for her came on Thursday. 
 Mine occurred on Tuesday night!
Her's stemmed from getting side tracked in class and not writing all of the vocabulary words down in time before they were erased.
Mine stemmed from trying to get dinner on the table to meet everyone's oddball schedules.
 I failed.
 After a weekend and some downtime, this week seems to be much better for everyone.
I also finally hung my pencil sharpener.
 I am a happy girl!


Michelle said...

4 hours of homework? Too much! Bless her heart!

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your seats...it has begun! Today is our 1st day of school this year. I am hoping for a smooth transition.
Shoot, a girl can hope, right?!