Thursday, August 7, 2014

Steps Connecting

 When I posted this about generations being connected by steps, I didn't realize how many directions that would take. 

When I was a little girl visiting my paternal grandparents, their house was HUGE with STEEP stairs that went on forever. 
 As an adult, I have come to realize the house is not as huge as I always thought nor are the steps as tall. 
They are, however,  steps that will forever connect us all to our family.
  My Grandfather passed away in 1976 and this is my favorite photo of him....on the steps. 
 Four of my cousins on the same steps.... 

My parents on the same steps.
My children on the steps that are connected directly to their grandparents and great grandparents.

 It truly is the little things that surround us that are the most important. 
 Grandma passed away shortly after Shaggy was born so none of my kidnicks knew their great grandparents. 
These steps are tangible connections to two people who would be very proud of them and would have loved them beyond measure. 
Knowing that means a great deal to me...and hopefully them as well.

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