Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Happy Place

 To me, there is nothing quite as peaceful, soul soothing and relaxing than sitting along a river.
  There are "beach people" and "mountain people".
I have always gravitated toward the mountains. 
 The scent of the trees and the sound of the water are almost magical.
Watching my husband and son fish in the same river...the same spot...that my Dad and Granddad did, makes me smile.
Watching my girls enjoy themselves without a care in the world...does my heart good.


 Add a book to the mix, and I am convinced it doesn't get much better.

As I try to find balance and a routine this week for myself and my family, I will focus on this.


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Anonymous said...

I grew up in the mountains and I agree they are beautiful. But....I can count on one hand the times I have visited the beach. So as beautiful and relaxing as the mountains, rivers and babbling creeks are there is just something fascinating about the waves, surf, birds, breezes, boats and all that stuff at the beach. I could live at the beach in a beach house and be perfectly content. Well, until the first hurricane came my way. LoL