Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mt. Shasta Memories

When we were in Mt. Shasta last month, the kids knew that I would inevitably force them to sit in front of places that held memories for me and they were correct!
The house we lived in for most of our time in  Mt. Shasta when I was a child, was the ranger's house next to the Forest Service Office. 
It has since been changed into more office space, but the exterior remains as I remember...there is a picket fence around it that wasn't there in the good old days, but it still looks like home to me. 
 It is located catty-corner from the Catholic Church as well. 
So after we attended Mass at St. Anthony's,  we had a photo op.
Why do things like this make me so happy?
Sharing with our kidnicks places that meant a lot to me as a child is rewarding. 
The fish hatchery and Sisson Museum is a must see and we do every time we visit. 


Staying in Mt. Shasta for a week really allowed us to immerse ourselves in the town. 
 Finding treasures at the Farmer's Market...
...wandering through a car show...
...strolling downtown with my girls for a smoothie in a cool bookstore...
and dinner and a game of chess in a café.

 ...driving past the home in which we lived for a few months when I was a newborn...

 ...finding a perfect route for a bit of exercise with my eldest daughter...

... and comparing two Italian Restaurants (hence the reason we need the running route).

We had dinner at the Piemonte on our final night.
Appropriately, Mike and Tony's was on our first evening. 
Our dinner at the Piemonte was one of our favorite times ever. 
We laughed, we told stories, we laughed...oh, and we laughed and had fun.
I prefer Mike and Tony's food, but the memories at the Piemonte that night will remain in my heart forever.
 I wonder what things they will want to share with their own children?

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