Friday, August 15, 2014

McCloud River and Dear Friends

When we were in Northern California, we spent most of our time in less than a 10 mile radius...except for the Oregon jaunt.  
We visited the lovely area of McCloud one day. 
McCloud used to be a lumber company town...everything was owned by the lumber company. 
 It offered homes and work for many people. 
 The lumber company was sold and then left years ago and homes are now owned privately. 
 It really is a historical and quaint town.
Now...we wanted to visit the area, but I HAD to visit some very special people. 
Mr. Marshall worked with my Dad when he was the Ranger in Mt. Shasta. 
This man and his wife have been dear friends with my parents for nearly 50 years....seriously. 
I have never heard my parents speak with anything but love, admiration and laughter when referring to Mr. and Mrs. Marshall. 
There are stories galore and every year, they get together in this area for a Forest Service reunion of sorts. 
There are people who travel great distances every year to be together.
Most of these people are in their 70's, 80's and 90's.
  That in itself is a testament as to the family feel the Forest Service had in those years.
I have said this before, but I feel very blessed to have been raised in the way I was. 
Anyway, we were able to have a lovely visit in the Marshall home.
We talked of the history of the area...the places we should see and as always, F.S. stuff.
There is a large cross cut saw blade hanging on their living room. 
Apparently,  Dad presented it to Mr. Marshall upon his retirement and it hangs proudly. 
 The story of WHY, was told to me by Dad when we returned. 
I will see if he'll share it here. 
 It is funny.
After saying our farewells,we wandered up the road to Lower Falls which was filled with people sun bathing and some crazy ones jumping off the top into the pool below..
.Crazy, but it did look like fun.
We drove on up to the Upper Falls where we had a picnic lunch. 
 Shaggy climbed down to the base of these falls and a couple took his photo with their phone. 
 Later on, he shared his E-Mail with them hoping they''ll send him a copy. 
 No such luck yet.
After driving to McCloud Lake, we decided fishing without a boat on the lake might not be the best for us.
 It was gorgeous though.
That's when we headed back to the Sacramento River near Dunsmuir.
A couple days before this excursion, we has driven near the Middle Falls.
We were just scouting places to fish then. 
Shaggy wasn't with us, but wanted to share all three falls in one post.

Just another wonderful day spent in gorgeous country.

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twistedfencepost said...

What a beautiful place! And the foilage in the background is amazing!!