Friday, August 22, 2014

Love in a Lunchbox

Both of our girls take a cold lunch from home when they are in school. 
 I like that I can help control what they eat and frankly, both girls are terrific to cook for.
Some days there is a salad, other may have a wrap or sandwich. 
  There is always fruit and some sort of veggie. 
As a fourth grader, Sugar Plum Fairy has gained enough confidence to defend her bell peppers to those around her who say, "Ewwww....grosssss". 
 I think she gets a kick out of it now.
Over the summer, I began seeing lunch box notes on the internet.
 I thought it might be fun to include one each day. 
 There may be a joke, or words of encouragement.
Some are just fun
There are endless sites on Pinterest to meet every whim.
The greatest compliment was when I discovered my teen is saving hers

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