Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Garlic Maters

I first read about  this recipe on Melanie's blog, A Beautiful Bite last week. 
I then immediately went to the garden and picked the tomatoes necessary. 
 For the next two hours, my girls kept walking through the kitchen asking if I was making garlic bread. 
These Garlic Roasted Tomatoes are phenomenal! 
 I divided the cooked concoction into two jars and froze one for later.
One I tossed with pasta  and while it was yummy.
I should have used the whole batch...or made less pasta.
I went out again yesterday and gathered more maters and made another batch...it is that good.  Everything gets so soft and luscious I am thinking mashing some on top of  flatbread or pizza dough would make a terrific snack as well. 
Or on top of polenta.
 The possibilities are endless.
Also, check out Melanie's blog...she has beautiful photos and recipes that sound wonderful.
What looks good to you?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I will be trying this. I have lots of cherry tomatoes to use up! Thank you!!!!