Friday, August 29, 2014


We had a bit of science happening around these parts last weekend. 
 Our youngest is a "Why" girl. 
She is very inquisitive and eager to learn new things.
Keeping that alive in her is important
I saw this and thought she would enjoy it.

Cover eggs with white vinegar in a bowl.

Immediately, you will see the acetic acid in the vinegar react with the calcium carbonate in the shells to form carbon dioxide bubbles. 
The shells look fuzzy. 
They also take on a different texture to the touch.
Kind of slimy.
After about 20 hours, Sugar Plum Fairy was able to rub most of the shell off. 
The ends were still hard, which led her to believe they are the stronger parts of the shell. 
Makes sense.

After several more hours, the shells were completey gone. 
The shape of the yolk was visable in the sunlight and the membranes were quite sturdy.

That is until poked. 
They then exploded.
Very cool.

Do you or have you done any cool experiments with your kids?
Will you share?

                                                                            Science is fun!

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