Monday, August 4, 2014

Dunsmuir From the Park

Dunsmuir has always held a special place in my heart. 
When my Grandparents, along with my Dad and his two siblings, came to California from South Dakota, they initially moved to the San Joaquin Valley. 
They lived in a town called Dinuba, which is about an hour from our home. 
It was discovered after a visit to Dunsmuir that my Grandma could BREATHE when she was not in the agriculture capital of the country. 
She suffered severely from allergies, so as my Dad was entering high school, they relocated the family to Dunsmuir. 
The city park in Dunsmuir is located along the Sacramento River and has always been a favorite spot of mine.
 In the years since, a Botanical Garden has been added. 
 I tell you, it is utterly perfect. 
The playground for kidnicks is surrounded by lush gardens filled with flora and fauna.
One can relax and read, wander and daydream or make new friends.

 Fishing was not successful in the fact no fish were caught, but how can scenery like this not be good for the soul?

There are also celebrations and gatherings that occur in this park. 
 While none were being held when we were there, a very special one was held yesterday. 
I mentioned earlier that my Dad moved to Dunsmuir when he was entering high school. 
 Yesterday, he and my Mom attended his high school class reunion in this very spot.
  63 years!
Dunsmuir was a small high school and they are now combining several graduating classes. 
All of the 1950's. 
 The really cool thing is that this includes both my aunts and uncle. 
 It is always fun to hear the stories when they get home and who they saw.
  As I look at these pictures, taken just a couple weeks ago, I can envision the two people who mean so very much to me visiting with family and friends and I am ever so grateful that they are there.


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