Thursday, August 21, 2014

Busy, Busy

Our garden has been producing wonderfully for the most part. 
 I am trying to keep up with it and not let anything go to waste. 
Shredding the zucchini and freezing in one cup muffin tins (storing in freezer bags once frozen) will allow me to make zucchini bread all winter long or add to a soup if it ever gets cold enough for soup again.

The jalapenos have gone gang busters. 
 I have made Pickled Jalapenos and Jalapeno Jelly for the pantry and gifts.
There is nothing quite as satisfying as the "pings" of successful canning.
We are trying to dry more peppers in the smoker today. 
I want to make Chipotle Powder. 
We shall see if it works as I envision.
 We have several stone fruit trees as well that are 2 years old. 
We only had a handful of pluots, but the peach tree must have broken some sort of record! 
 I am taller than this tree,  and that is saying a lot. 
This trooper produced almost 40 pounds of fruit!
  After we inhaled the first Peach Cobbler made from our very own peaches, I made and froze 5 more large desserts.
  I also made Peach Butter for the first time. 
The recipe suggested using a crock pot so as not to have to babysit it on the stove all day. 
I went one step further.
I let it cook all night AND I added a vanilla bean. 
 Such a rebel, I am! 
 Anyway, my youngest has deemed the Peach Butter, "Amazing!" 
Are you canning or freezing from your garden?
Do tell.

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