Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ashland in a Flash

Planning for our trip to Mt. Shasta was really a fly by the seat of our pants kind of vacation.  
As a devout planner, I was not sure how it all would work. 
There were bets among my family members whether or not I could just go with the flow. 
For the most part I did. 
Hubby and the two older kidnicks wanted to play golf and I knew I needed to at least have an idea of what Sugar Plum Fairy and I would do for the day. 
 She has wanted to say she had been to Oregon other than as an infant.
A bit of research told me that she and I could drop the golfers off at their course and we could be in Ashland in a bit more than an hour. 
 So away we went!
It has always surprised me that the terrain changes so quickly north of Mt. Shasta and especially Weed. 
 It goes from lush and tree filled to rangeland.
(Sugar Plum Fairy took these on the way back to California from the back seat)
Science Works Museum was filled with hands on fun stuff for kids.
We were greeted by these happy guys made from bottle and jar lids. 

The bubble room let her make numerous sizes of bubbles. 
 Everyone loves bubbles!

Following the directions to make paper airplanes had us both flummoxed, so she made her own design and launched it through the targets.
She even had some friendly competition happening.

I loved watching the smaller kidnicks watch in wonder as she lifted herself up on this contraption.
Discovering that various lights change what we see.

Magnets have always fascinated me and these were no exception.

Moving the flow of air with this blower to keep the ball floating was tricky for some, but not my girl.  She  looked like a pro.
The dinosaur exhibit was interesting...loud and a bit scary.
There is a spider web play area outside and a garden to wander through.
After a yummy lunch of fresh pasta at Wiley's World, we headed south and to our family.

 I know Ashland has a lot more to offer, (like the Shakespearean Festival) but this was the perfect way to spend a couple hours with this special young lady.

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