Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Gift of Memories

Shortly after we were married, my sister and brother in law gave us a house warming gift that has continued to bless us in the many years since.
The inscription they wrote inside says,
"May this book serve as a reminder of all the loved ones who enter your home and your lives".
When ever we have friends or family over for a meal or celebration, they add to this.
 In the 23 years that have followed, we have messages from far and wide.
Some are no longer with us. 
Some have gone separate ways. 
Some remind of us a wayward Vodka Sauce that ended up in every crevice of our kitchen cupboards.
We recently had friends over and when they opened the book to immortalize the evening, it was discovered that someone had written a poem in the middle of empty pages. 
Upon further investigation, we located two more. 
 Now, we only know one person in our lives who writes Beatnik Poetry and it seems that for a couple years, she added these to be found later on. 
One is dated 2005 and the other 2006. made our evening.


Michelle said...

I wish I had thought of doing this years ago! What a wonderful keepsake to have.

Melinda said...

I love this idea! What a perfect wedding gift for a new couple! I wished we had down that so many years ago! And those poems are great!