Thursday, July 31, 2014

Seeds, Seeds and More Seeds

It was time to do something with our sunflowers. 
 The flower heads were drooping to the ground under their own weight and the outer petals  were gone. 
We have never roasted seeds before and as it turned out, it was pretty easy. 
 After cutting the heads of, we ran our fingers over the center to remove the yellow thingies. 

We were left with the naked seeds.

We decided that is was more manageable to remove the seeds if we broke the flower head into smaller pieces. 
At that point, the seeds fell out simply by rubbing our hands over the top.

 Once the seeds were removed, the remaining part resembled honeycomb.
 We ended up with about 16 cups of seeds. 

At this point, we rinsed them and boiled them in saltwater from this recipe
 They were then drained and roasted until dry. 
The roasting took longer than the recipe stated, and I ended up turning the oven off over night and letting the trays dry that way. 
 In the morning, we had about 8 cups of dry, roasted seeds. 

 They are not bad for a first attempt. 
 I erred on the side of lower salt and I should not have. 
Oh well. 
 It was fun and a learning experience.
Pretty cool.

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