Monday, July 7, 2014

A College Day Trip

Recently, Lollipop Pop and I visited another college.
This time, we kidnapped my sister and my niece.
Redlands is my sister's Alma Mater and it had been a bit of time since she had been back. 
 Redlands is near San Bernardino and Riverside in an area of Southern California known as the Inland Empire.
It is out of the craziness that is Los Angeles and near the mountains.
  It is a lovely campus and the town feels very college-like.
It was fun to wander and see what has remained the same and what has changed. 
 The general feel of the campus is the same and the new buildings fit in nicely. 
 Some of the housing buildings are gorgeous and we toured a room in my sister's old dorm.
She was impressed that they now have air conditioning. 
That was not the case when she attended.
She also shared her tip to move out of the dorm when you reside on the third floor with no elevators.  The old window and toss maneuver.

In front of the bookstore are banners with Redlands' Chant on them. 
My sister has treated us to it for years. 
 And I must say, it is fun.

Och Tamale gazolly gazump
Dayump dayadee yahoo
Ink damink dayadee gazink
Dayump, deray, yahoo
Wing wang trickey trackey poo foo
Joozy woozy skizzle wazzle
Wang tang orkey porkey dominorky
Redlands! — Rah, Rah, Redlands!

History of the Och Tamale
Originally called the Psalm of Collegiate Thanksgiving, the Och Tamale cheer was written by cheerleader C. Merle Waterman ’20 and classmates Walter J. Richards ’21 and Jack Slutsk ’22.

After the tour, we treated ourselves to fresh ice cream, frozen with nitrus oxide at A La Minute
The flavors were fun and it was yummy.
Returning home, we chose a different route...through the desert...and boy was it windy.

 These windmills are everywhere in the hills out there and they are HUGE!
All in all, a lovely day spent with two of our favorite people and another college made the list of possibilities.


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