Thursday, July 24, 2014

International Dinner

Several years ago, we started a tradition that touched on other countries, food and cooking. 
Each of the kidnicks chose a country, researched what foods were traditional there and prepared a family meal.
This summer, Sugar Plum Fairy chose Portugal. 
With Hubby's family being from the Azores, there were lots of familiar things to choose from. 
She poured through two of my favorite cookbooks...
In the end, she chose to make Kale Soup (no written recipe..her Daddy helped...beans, taters and kale), Chicken and Rice from  the first book and dessert of Chocolate Salami from the other.
The menu is made and table décor set by the chef.
Then the cooking begins. 
Chocolate Salami is basically a concoction of butter, cocoa, brown sugar and egg yolks with broken shortbread cookies to resemble the fat in the salami.
This is then rolled into logs, wrapped in parchment paper and tied with twine like real salami. 

VERY rich and decadent. 
 A cup of coffee or glass of red wine would be perfect.
Milk did the trick as well.

The chicken and rice was good with a common Azorean spice of cinnamon.
Shaggy and Lollipop Pop have been to the Azores and remembered Fanta being quite common so  I am glad I remembered to pick some up.
 It was a nice addition.
Other than the yummy food, this always opens the dinner conversation. 
We talked about our family that still reside in the islands and talked about going back. 
Having kids think outside of their own piece of the world is fun and, I think, important. 
This is an easy and inexpensive alternative to travelling the world.
What country would your kidnicks choose?

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