Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ingredients for Entertaining

When I worked full time as a travel agent, it was not long before I became part of that family.
  The business was owned by Robi and her husband, Don. 
Two of their daughters worked there as well. 
Cruise to Nowhere onboard the Jubilee circa 1990ish
The daughter in the center with the sunglasses is the one with whom I travelled to Austria and met my Hubby.
 The daughter on the left is one of my dearest friends now.
 Last week, I called and invited her family to dinner. 
 Robi was able to join us as well. 
The girls and I set the table with sunflowers and zinnias from the garden. 
We also used dill, basil, rosemary and chives in the Mason jars. 
 Bandanas acted as napkins and I loved the simplicity of it. 

Pasta, salad and garlic bread was easy and yummy, as was this dessert. 
Seriously easy and impressive looking.
 We sat around the table for hours, told stories and surprised our kidnicks that we actually used to be fun,YOUNG people.
It was a perfect gathering.  
Entertaining doesn't have to be fussy.
Good friends, decent food and laughter are the perfect ingredients.

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