Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Connected by Steps

In 1917, my great grandparents, having settled in Fossil, Oregon after emigrating from Scotland, purchased a parcel of land for $350.00.
  On that piece of land, they had a stone bungalow built by my great grandmother's brother. 
Mom spent summers in this house with her grandparents and after they passed away, her Aunt Nell. 
When my sister and I were little, we visited as often as was possible and I have wonderful memories of both Aunt Nell and the house. 
When Aunt Nell passed away in 1980, the house remained in the family, but we never went back after her services. 
The house was eventually sold to a gentleman who promised to restore it. 
He and Mom remained in contact and he even sent her some items he had discovered. 
 Nothing worth more than memories from home.
In 2005, we rented an RV and travelled to Oregon. 
 We were unable to get into the home that day, but as soon as we entered town, I directed Hubby to the exact spot of the house.
My childhood came rushing back. 
Running to the wooden floored general store when we were little to shop for Aunt Nell. 
 Searching for fossils behind the high school....running up what I remembered to be a very tall hill behind the house
(It wasn't as tall anymore)
Anyway, I did get a photo of the kidnicks on the steps.
  Times like this make me so very happy. 
To have them sitting on the steps I played on when I was little...
the steps that Mom and Grandma played on...
the steps that my Great Grandparents built. 
  I was looking through a fantastic album that Mom made me on the time spent in Fossil. 
A copy of the land's bill of sale...newspaper articles detailing a surprise party in the home shortly after they moved in. 
The history of my great grandfather's blacksmith shop. 
 And this photo.
Same steps.
My great grandparents are in the back row with his brother who must have been visiting from Oakland.
The lady in the center is Aunt Nell and in front of her, my Grandma and their brother, Uncle Jim.
Five generations connected by steps.


Ann said...

Steps. What memories those steps bring back! The old hen house on the hill with it's pretty recycled old door from an old house was a favorite place to play and find all sorts of treasures. The 'lucky' horseshoe that Grandad made at the blacksmith shop to hang under the rose covered arch at the top of the steps... that horseshoe still treasured to this day. My very first kiss under that rose covered arch. All the middle-of-the-night "lightning parties" eating date-nut bread and butter sandwiches while sitting on the porch above those steps, watching the beautiful lightning storms seen only in that part of Oregon. The rock garden that Grandma made using a beautiful rock from every county in Oregon, and the orange Tiger Lilies that bloomed every year on each side of those steps. What happy steps those were.

Michelle said...

This is a wonderful post. You are lucky to have so much information about your family!

Melinda said...

I love this. What a treasure to have those family memories and be able to share them with your kids. Priceless.