Monday, July 28, 2014

A Mess of College Visits

Last week, we were fortunate to spend a week in one of my most favorite places on earth...
Mt. Shasta. 
I have gobs of thoughts floating in my brain about that and the same number of photos to sort through, but for now, I thought I'd share what we did on a side trip coming home.
We visited more colleges. 
We had not seen any in the northern part of our state and there were several on Lollipop Pop's list.  Sonoma State is a public university that is in a pretty location. 
South of Santa Rosa, just north of the Bay area, it borders California's Wine Country as is evidenced by the names of buildings...Cabernet Village and Tuscany Village are just two examples.
As we worked our way south, we drove though Dominican University
Its campus is spread throughout an old and established neighborhood of 80 acres. 
 It really is lovely.
When we planned our summer vacation, it was decided that other than the home rental, we would play everything else by ear. 
No set plans and no scheduled events.
Now, this goes against my very being. 
As a former travel agent and planner, I have always had hotel reservations made ahead of time. 
 I went with the flow this time and made none. 
As it turned out, every hotel in the Bay area seemed to be filled...except one room at a Travelodge that we happened upon after numerous other stops in search of rooms. 
 We laughed and laughed at each other.
I must say that the comedy that ensued made this one of my favorite nights. 
After breakfast, we surprised Sugar Plum Fairy with a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. 
 She was thrilled, even with the fog.
We were heading to the other side of the bay and thus travelled through the heart of the city. 
 There is some great architecture in this city... Golden Gate Park, apartments, homes and bridges.
San Francisco is one of my favorite cities and am looking forward to visiting again for a longer time.
St Mary's College was our next stop and it was wonderful. 
Visited with an admission lady who answered lots of questions and offered options available.
Our final campus visit was to  Santa Clara University
This campus is on the site of a California Mission.
The grounds are and least for Mamas.

Through all of this college visiting, Sugar Plum Fairy adapts, never complains and makes the most out of everything. 
 She is a trooper.
 When we started looking at campuses, Lollipop Pop did not know what she was looking for. 
 It has been interesting to watch her fine tune her criteria for college. 
She has a definite top 5 list now and it will be exciting to see what happens next.


Melinda said...

Sweet memories - but what a huge decision for her! And a huge change for mama!

Michelle said...

Wonderful that your daughter is able to visit and narrow down her choice.