Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The FINAL Well Drilling Post...YAY!!!

 When last I left with the "Well Drilling Saga", we knew there was water in the new well, and that the pump worked. 
Is that the end of the tale? 
We still had to dig and lay a new pipeline from the new gazillion dollar hole to the old dud.
Hubby rented this contraption that looks like a giant riding chain saw.
While he went to work, I lay in the house eating Bon Bons or some other worthwhile task...can't remember.
Seems I missed the part when the contraption fell INTO the new trench.  In actuality, it was probably better that I missed that part. 
Don't think my supervision and suggestions would have been appreciated.
In the end, we had a gorgeous  3 foot deep trench.
Now just had to wait for the pipe laying guy to arrive. 
 There was a whole bunch of waiting in this process.
Anyway, once he came and left, we were in business.
The REAL MOMENT of truth was about to occur. 
 (There were a lot of moments of truth)
We knew water would flow from the new well to the old standpipe, but from there, through the old pipeline to the trees, was anyone's guess. 
When the old well began to fail last summer, there was quite a bit of sand in the water....would that sand have plugged up the pipeline in the many months since?
We filled the standpipe and nothing happen in the orchard at first.
  Uh Oh.
BUT, after a few minutes of Hubby working his magic in opening and closing the valve to the pipeline...
 (closing the valve allows water to fill the standpipe and opening it all at once allows more water pressure to go through the pipeline...hopefully enough to force any sand out the other end)

 Well, mostly. 
We have two pipelines to irrigate the trees.  
The "upper half" was still plugged and remained so until last week.  
For two irrigations, Hubby had a generator attached to fire hoses in the orchard to irrigate the plugged rows.  
Not ideal by any stretch of  the imagination, but was better than nothing.
But, as of right now, nearly 11 months later, we have water for our trees and life is good. 
We are so grateful!


Michelle said...

I am glad to hear that you have some resolution to this!

Jermaine Ryan said...

I am really glad that the project was successful. You and your husband put a lot of work in there. It's nice to know that your hardwork has paid off. Honestly, I'm surprised how great it turned out. I'm really proud of the both of you. I hope you don't encounter any problems with the well in the future. Have a good day!

Jermaine Ryan @ Loadcraft