Wednesday, June 4, 2014

College Bound

Last week, I was able to take Lollipop Pop and my niece away for a couple of days. 
They will both be seniors in the fall and college decisions/questions/preparations are needing to be made and answered. 
Most importantly...where?
Since our youngest was still in school, we made a quick trip to the coast and from there, a day trip to Camarillo to see Cal State Channel Islands and the Santa Barbara area to see Westmont College.
Channel Islands is the newest University in the Cal State system. 
 It is in the buildings and on the grounds of a former State Hospital. 
 The grounds are lovely and many of the buildings are Spanish Style and pretty.
As we waited for our tour to begin in a non-Spanish-style building, none of us were very impressed. 
 The building we were in was very hospital like in its décor and furnishings. 
It looked tired.
There is a lot of construction happening and the school is working to grow. 
 Right now, it is one of 2 Universities in the system of 23 that is not impacted.
There are not a lot of requirements to be accepted.
The girls left feeling more impressed than when they arrived, but it was still crossed out as an option.
After the tour, we decided lunch would be a good choice. 
I found Tomas' Café on Diner's, Drive Ins and Dives website and it was tasty. 
 Deciding between breakfast and lunch was the first order of business. 
 Two of us settled on breakfast...waffles and Oreo pancakes and one of us had the Spinach Salad.

During our lunch stop, my daughter's sandal broke and would be no use during a walking tour of anything, so we headed north in search of cheap shoes.
We found a Target off the freeway.
A 2 story Target.
A Target with a parking garage.
And escalators and elevators to reach the front door.
The cart escalator had to be tried out...even for one item.
I must say it was pretty cool.
With full tummies, and covered feet, we worked our way up the California coastline to a town just east of Santa Barbara...Montecito.
Westmont College is a private Christian based institution.
The grounds are stunning and as you drive in, you know it is special.
The history of its present location is very interesting as it is on a former estate. 
 Most faculty live in homes adjacent to the college. 
Chapel is required three days a week.
It is wonderful.
And expensive.
There are a lot of opportunities for financial aid and scholarships.
It is still expensive.
But safe and intimate.
See what I mean about college decisions and questions?
Holy Moly!
After we drug ourselves from the campus, smiling and chattering about possibilities, the girls fell in love with this Husky puppy.
This $1,000.00 puppy.
One can still dream.





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Michelle said...

Nice that you were able to take the girls on this trip. Important decisions to be made!