Friday, June 20, 2014

A Zoo Tradition


We are very fortunate in the fact that my husband's family owns property at the coast. 
 I am very fortunate that I got to spend two weeks there earlier this month. 
 As soon as the girls were both out of school we high tailed it outta here. 
This year, Hubby was going to spend a couple days with us between stints at work, so he and Lollipop Pop left a few hours earlier that Sugar Plum Fairy and I did. 
Because of this, our youngest and I had a morning together. 
We stopped and investigated safflower as well as visiting the Charles Paddock Zoo on the way. 
While we don't stop here every summer, we have gone many times. 
It is small and quick.
The flamingos at this zoo are the most lively and talkative we have ever witnessed. 
 These guys did have a protagonist with them...Mr. Crested Screamer simply had to walked toward the pink creatures and they scampered off, chattering along the way. 
This left the food available and flamingo free.

The two macaws chatted with their new human friend and she enjoyed it thoroughly.

Our traditional photo ops were taken...

...although this year they looked a bit different than in the years past.

After lunch, we met up with Hubby and Lollipop Pop... let the vacation begin!


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Michelle said...

The zoo looks like a sweet tradition.