Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Visit with a President

When the girls and I were in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago, we stumbled upon The Reagan Ranch Center. 
 It is located next to the Amtrak Station (which is in a good area and very safe...not at all sketchy) and well worth the visit.
We visited at the end of our day, were pooped and didn't even scratch the surface of this place. 
It seems that Young America's Foundation is a group that President Reagan was involved with beginning in 1962. 
In 1998, with his health declining, "The Ranch" was in danger of being sold to those who had no regard for its history as "The Western White House".
Long story short, this Foundation was able to acquire the ranch and pay off the note in two years.  Pretty cool. 
 This center is filled with memorabilia from the ranch...letters, saddles and boots as well as the President's Jeep that Mrs. Reagan gave him. 

Notice the license plate?

                                  There are headphones lining a huge glass topped "table". 
You choose what topic you are interested in and watch a video the table top.
There were numerous spots for people to stand and each watch a different video. 
We watched President and Mrs. Reagan host Margaret Thatcher into their home
I found it fascinating...witnessing history first hand.
The girls were interested, but obviously didn't live through that time and couldn't relate on a personal level.
There are plenty of volunteers who will answer questions and direct you. 
I was duly impressed from beginning to end. 
The girls also got the chance to stand next to a massive piece of the Berlin Wall! 

Impressive and awesome!

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