Monday, June 16, 2014

A Pokey Memory

A couple weeks ago, Sugar Plum Fairy and I were driving to the coast to begin our summer vacation.  Lollipop Pop and her Dad had left a few hours earlier and would meet us there.
As we were driving, we noticed fields of flowers that I did not recognize. 
We speculated for a bit as to what they were. 
On a whim, I pulled the car over and we got out. 
She was flabbergasted that I would stop. 
 At that moment,  I realized that I had not been living in the moment...for months, I have been rushing to get somewhere or do something and not stopping to smell the roses...or this mysterious plant.
As we looked at it, I still did not know what it was.

 We both reached out to touch it and immediately regretted that move! 
 They are POKEY!
BUT, in the larger picture, we laughed at our silliness and talked about it as we continued on our drive. 
It was a memory.
It was something she will remember and chuckle about.
 It was living in the moment...not rushing past it.
Once we arrived at the coast, Hubby enlightened us to the fact it is safflower. 
Oodles of information on this pokey plant can be found on its very own website.
For instance, there are 20-50 seeds in each flower head.
The petals of the flower can be steeped into a tea or substituted for saffron. 
They used to be used as dyes...probably still are.
The type of processing of the seeds determines what the oil is used for...human consumption or in manufacturing. 
The mash left after the processing can be used for cattle feed.
Had I not stopped the car, I would have continued to be oblivious to part of my surroundings.
As would my daughter.
It took only a few minutes, but well worth it.
Making memories together, I tell you...priceless!

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