Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Day Trip

When the girls and I were at the coast after school got out, we took the train to Santa Barbara. 
We have done this in the past, but never just the girls.
The ride is just over two hours and most of it is right along the coastline.

The Amtrak station in Santa Barbara is on State Street, about two blocks from the ocean. 
We started the day with a walk to the end of Stearn's Wharf
 It was gorgeous!

This guy was thirsty.


These girls are such fun to be with. 
AND they let me take pictures of them!

Let's go!
We have places to go...things to see!
 Walking along Cabrillo Avenue, we saw an art class in session. 
Makes me wish I could so that


We walked up State Street to a book store I had read about (a bust) and then to lunch. 
We dined outside at a neat little Italian restaurant, Aldo's.   

As we sat down, I remembered that I had eaten here years ago when Hubby was on a business trip. Sugar Plum Fairy's Mac and Cheese was deemed "Delicious!"

 And my Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Cream Sauce and Shrimp was fantastic!

We walked over a couple blocks to the transit station and caught a bus to the Mission.
 (I'll write about that in a separate post)
The Mission is uphill, so we decided to bus there and walk back. 
We had done it several years before and I knew there was a great park to play on at the mid point.  What I had not bargained for were blisters on 9 year old feet. 
She was a trooper and between a jerry rigged bandage, band aids from a liquor store and piggy back rides from her sister, we made it back...straight to a store for new shoes. 
We had a snack at Blue Tavern
Again, we dined outside which allows for great people watching. 
We shared Hummus with house made pita bread. and a Chocolate Molten Cake. 
The center of that was passion fruit 
The train ride home was lovely part of the way, but the closer we got to our destination, the foggier it became.

We were just happy not to be home in the 109* temperatures!
All in all and pretty perfect day.

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