Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wanderlust and a Special Young Lady

Being involved in 4-H, as a leader, has blessed me in so many ways. 
Over the years I have come to know these kidnicks and some have touched my heart in ways that will remain always.
  Abiel is one such young lady.
 She was in cooking and photography with me several years ago.
Her curiosity was infectious.
 She was not afraid to try weird photography angles that others balked at. 
She was polite and respectful and so eager to jump right in and help in any way necessary.
She also was, and is,  a voracious reader and writer of poetry. forward to present day.
 Abiel is no longer in 4-H and I have not seen her in quite some time, but have kept up to speed with E-Mails from time to time with her Mom and the like.
Recently, she and her Dad set up a blog for her to write.
 I must say, that I enjoy this young lady as much now, as I did then.
What accompanied the words, was a video with the song in the background. 
The song is fun and addicting, but the video had me mesmerized.
Looking into that more, I discovered the photographer is Alex Chacon.
His Modern Motorcycle Diaries will give you some background
I spent more time that I should have watching other videos of his travels. 
What experiences he has had and what good work he is doing for charity!

So, to Abiel...thank you for the catchy tune that won't leave my head and for sparking my wanderlust spirit!


Abiel said...

Mrs. Leal, you just made my day! Tonight I have a big performance and I was feeling a bit nervous, but your post made me feel more at peace. Thank you so much!

Michelle said...

Thank you for this link :)