Saturday, May 17, 2014


We have always had dogs as a married couple. 
 Our first was a collie named Sydney. 
Then came Jake, the Border Collie. 
When Sugar Plum Fairy was nearly 2 months old,  a Golden Lab puppy with the same birthday came to live with us.   
We christened this ball of cuteness, Scout. 
Scout was a people person/dog. 
He jumped into the U.P.S. truck each time a package came to visit with the driver. 
I always enjoyed watching a new driver when this happened for the first time.
Scout escorted strangers to our front door while wagging his tail.
A watchdog, he was not.
Scout was a traveler.
This is a quality that nearly drove me over the edge at times. 
Before the Iris Farm People moved, Scout would disappear first thing in the morning and  wander over there for the day. 
After numerous trips to retrieve him, Hubby talked to the owner. 
 She confessed that when Scout arrived in the morning, she invited him into her office where she would feed him and he lounged around all day in the Air Conditioned room.
He also would walk with the field workers and sit with them when they had lunch. 
He received treats.
He was a wanderer, but he was no dummy!
Scout was patient with the little girl who grew up with him.
(As well as the various pups that have come along over the years)

She climbed, pulled, rode this dog and he never complained. 
When Scout was done with the games, he just wandered away.
This picture will always remain one of my favorites.
I had forgotten until I read the post as to the reason Scout was where he was.
(Sugar Plum Fairy used to be known in this blog as Peach Blossom)
 Scout passed away several days ago. 
 He had been failing for a couple months and it was expected.
Having said that, he will be missed greatly and remembered always.

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Michelle said...

Sorry for your loss. Pets are so much to us. I am glad you have do many memories.