Thursday, May 1, 2014

Drilling Fun

Last week, we had a new well drilled. 
 It certainly is not like the cartoons when water gushes forth from the earth.
In fact, after drilling 400 feet, we still can't access the water.
Seems pump companies are back logged like the drillers.
The stress around these parts is palpable at times. 
 I thought I'd at least show you a few of the fun things that went on.
  We set up camp under the oak tree and watched the happenings.
I am certain the drillers were wondering what kind of country bumpkins we were.
Not much actually happened on the first day because they had problems with the sandy soil we have...a whopping 6 feet at the end of that day. 
 There were quad rides from big brother and big brother's friend. 
 There was a fair amount of soaking up the sun and working on tans. 
 There was water truck climbing and gravel pile traipsing.
So all in all, I guess the first day was not a total least in the eyes of a nine year old!


Michelle said...

Best of luck with this endeavor.

Melinda said...

I could totally relate to the country bumpkin image! We would have so done that, too! The delay in getting water must be very frustrating!