Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Drilling Day Two

Day two of the well drilling went better than the first...at least there were things happening. 
(You can catch up here, here and here, if you so desire)
 The rig got set and the huge drill bit is lined up in the pipe that was set in place the day before.
Bags of clay were torn open and spread in the pit to help minimize seepage.

Lots of bags.
We (again WE is used loosely) started pumping water from the trucks into the pit.
Hubby was well prepared for this. 
 He had three water trucks on loan from farmer friends as well as water tanks that were filled. 
Because we had to drive about 1/2 mile to fill them, he did not want the well drillers to be waiting on us for anything. 
 They didn't.
Once the pit had enough water in it, the drilling began. 
Twenty foot lengths of pipe were lifted from the truck and maneuvered to the drilling rig. 
At this point, the pipe is lowered into the new hole. 
This is done each 20 feet of drilling and a new pipe is bolted to the previous one.
Water was sucked through the horizontal pipe below which is attached to the big vertical one from day one.
It then goes into the new hole being drilled and is pumped back out, along with drilled soil.
Meanwhile, other things are being delivered. 

...and the pipes that will ultimately be lower into the well permanently.
More on that in the next post.

Water trucks and tanks are continually monitored and refilled as needed.

From time to time, the back hoe would stir the water and keep the all clay from settling on the bottom. 
 It is needed IN the new hole as well to help hold up the sides.
           As the water and dirt is pumped back into the pit, monitoring WHAT is coming with the water is vital. 

 Sand and small rocks are GOOD. 
 If you can imagine a river bed with sand and stones. 
That is kind of what the strata in the earth are like. 
We are trying to tap into a strong underground river, basically.
Hubby checked often as did the crew. 
They used a scoop type contraption...filled it, drained the water and reported what was found. 
The crew foreman running the drill keeps track of that information and the depth at which it was found. 
We knew we wanted to go deeper that the stratum that our domestic well is in so we wouldn't have issues there again. 
At the end of this day, we were at 300 feet which is where we had hoped to find lots of sand and be done.
No such luck.
I'll fill you in on the final day of drilling soon.

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Michelle said...

A much more intricate process than I thought.