Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Drilling - Day 3

I know I am dragging this process out, but I am determined to finish. 
 If you missed the riveting first installments, here you go 
When they began drilling on the third day, we were at 300 feet and not happy with the amount of sand. 
There was a lot of clay, which is not good...water doesn't flow through clay. 
They continued to drill and finally reached 400 feet! 
That is 100 feet MORE than a football field, end zone to end zone! 
 That's a long way down.  At that point, we had drilled through 80 feet of sand. 
This is where the foreman's logging is necessary.
Once it was determined that the depth would be sufficient, the narrow pipes that had been bolted together and encased the drill bit, were brought up, unbolted and placed back on their truck.
The permanent pipes were then ferried over and lowered into the hole.
Notice the slots on the pipe. 
These are the perforations that will allow water to enter and be pumped up. 
The perforated pieces begin at the bottom and come up to a depth of 150 feet. 
 (There is a section in the middle of that are solid due to a layer of clay in the earth) 
 Each piece is welded together and lowered.
From 149 feet to the surface, the same pipe...without perforations...is used.

Once all the pieces are lowered, we STILL don't have access to the water...nor do we know for certain that the water is where we think it is. 
At this point, the drilling company is done (other than pouring a cement slab around the well)
 They also cap it off until the pumping company comes in nearly 3 weeks to "develop" the well.
We also had to have electricity run from the old well to this one.

I must say that this crew of men worked extremely hard and were always friendly and never laughed (at least in my face) at the crazy lady photographing their every move!

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