Thursday, May 29, 2014

Animal Wax Museum

The 3rd grade teachers at Sugar Plum Fairy's school tried something new this year.
  Each year, they go to a nearby zoo that fits into their study of animals. 
This year, they also incorporated an Animal Wax Museum. 
Each student in Sugar Plum Fairy's class was assigned a specific wild animal. 
They then learned how to do research and compile their facts into an oral report as well as a visual board. 
Each student was also asked to dress up as their animal. 
My daughter was a giraffe. 
Now...I am not crafty, and was not willing to spend much money on this. 
As it turns out, this Internet thingy is pretty helpful! 
 There are oodles of  "giraffe costume making" links.
We found the perfect shirt at the 99 cent store and the felt at Wal-Mart.
  An inexpensive headband at the Dollar store finished our supply list.
Easy Peasy.
One the day of the Museum tour, each child, in costume, stood next to their information board. 
 Visitors tapped the corresponding "button" and each Wax animal came to life and recited their oral report. 
 I was impressed that most of these kidnicks had memorized their talk. 
The other 3rd grade class had made displays regarding their animal and gave an oral report as well. 
 It really was a lot of fun and some of the costumes here pretty creative! 
 This camel had a "hump-pack" on his back using basketballs! 
Pretty impressive.

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Michelle said...

That camel costume gave me a good chuckle!