Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Well Drilling Tutorial

The day after Easter, the well drilling began. 
 There was a lot of anticipation and excitement in the air. 
The dogs were trying desperately to convince us to let them out of the barn to help.
They ARE good diggers after all.
A trench was dug from the well site to the yet to be dug pit.
 The pipes were loaded and waiting in their place to be lowered into the earth.
These go into the earth until the drilling is done. 
 These come back out just prior to the permanent casing goes in.
There are a couple different types of wells. 
We were going with a gravel pack well. 
In a nutshell, as the drill is going in the ground, water is pumped into the hole (from the pit being filled by the water trucks) and then that water, along with the drilled earth, is blown back out of the hole and into the pit.
We had 16,000 gallons of water in trucks and tanks ready to use in the process.

The drilling rig was backed up to the spot we had chosen. 
 A steel beam on the ground acted as a brace.

It was then that the crew hit the first snag in the process. 
They were not quite prepared for the sandy soil we have in this area. 
The ground would not hold the weight of the truck and would collapse the hole. 
The excitement waned a bit as we all waited for another truck to come with this pipe. 
It was placed over the site and pounded into the ground.

Shaggy and Sugar Plum Fairy were offering their expertise.


Once that pipe was in place, we were off to the races....
sort of.
Bags of a clay were dumped into the pit . 
This did several things. 
It aided in sealing the bottom and sides of the pit to help hold water and it makes the water heavier in the well hole. 
This is necessary because, again, the area is so sandy. 
 The clay helps IN the well hole, as well, to keep the sandy walls from collapsing.
By late afternoon, snag number two was hit. 
They did not bring enough clay to be effective.
 All day long and we were 6 feet deep! 
Woo Hoo! one...problems were discovered and plans put in place to start again on Tuesday.


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