Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Perfect Day

Saturday was a day that we felt God's presence and grace from beginning to end.
 It was one of the best days we have had in a long time.
  The day began with Sugar Plum Fairy's First Holy Communion. 
She wore a dress from my childhood.
My sister and I had matching dresses and it is one of the few that wasn't hand made.  
This is the same dress that Lollipop Pop wore when she received her First Communion. 
 The day was beautiful...sunny with a slight breeze and our youngest was excited.
The service was lovely. 
Each of our children received their first communion from the same priest and that, in itself, is special. 
He has been such a blessing to our parish and the Sister who manages this program is wonderful. 
The children all love her and she returns that love to each of them.
When Sugar Plum Fairy was baptized, we had a small English Tea at home afterward. 
She wanted the same thing after receiving this Sacrament. 
We kept the gathering just to us and her Godparents.

It hardly seems possible that 7 years has passed between these pictures. 
These girls are each beautiful and kind young ladies.
 As soon as our guests departed, the dining table was turned into craft central.
 Lollipop Pop was finishing her Spanish Project....a puppet...don't ask.
Sugar Plum Fairy and I headed into town for a couple items.
 I was NOT looking forward to visiting Wal-Mart and the Dollar Stores on a Saturday afternoon, but it had to be done. 
After the first stop, I was about to pull my hair out at the rudeness of people. 
But then, the perfection of the day continued. 
We found exactly what we needed....the only one left to boot and then off to Wal-Mart. 
The store was packed...three checkers open and each had lines 6 or 7 deep.
 I took a breathe and decided to relax. 
At that moment, a new checker opened and the people in front of me told me to go first.
 It is amazing what something so simple can do to ones attitude. 
 Once we got home, Sugar Plum Fairy went off to play in the mud/clay pit from the well digging.  (The pump people were on site to finally put the pump in place)
I must say that this little girl can go from a sweet, lady-like child to a tom-boy in a heartbeat. 
 I love that about her.
 After nearly three weeks, the center of this hole is still fun to play in. 
 Sand, wet clay and hopefully water soon...I told Hubby we could open a Spa...might be helpful in paying for the well!

After several hours, the moment of truth came. 
The pump was lowered and the valves in place. 
 What would happen when the start button was pushed?
After 8 months of no water for our trees, the water flowed!
I may have shed a tear or two.   
The relief was complete and all encompassing.

 We (loosely used...Hubby and a pipeline man) will dig a trench today and lay pipe to connect this glorious water to the existing pipeline and our walnuts will get their first taste of water this year.
After we visited with Hubby's Mom and sisters that evening, I quipped that this had been one of the best days I could remember...from glorious beginning to glorious end.
We all agreed.


Melinda said...

I could cry for you! JOY! So happy the day went well and the well works! Oh - and I love the heritage dress!

Michelle said...

I love all of this. So glad that you are finally having success with the well.