Monday, May 5, 2014

A Day at the Zoo

Last week, I got to help chaperone Sugar Plum Fairy's field trip to the zoo
We have not been here since 2009 and there have been quite a few upgrades and changes.
  The zoo is in the midst of building an African Adventure area that will open next summer, as well 
This will double the size of the current zoo with an open savannah-type setting and feature lions, cheetahs, gorillas and a group of African Elephants. 
THAT will be cool to see. 
Sugar Plum Fairy and her best friend plotted our route.
The Red Fox was first on the list. 
As many times as I have been here, I have never been able to spot one. 
 The girls made a good choice to head here first before it got too hot and the critters began hiding to keep cool.  
While the girls ran off to the Sea Lions, we moms followed.
I know these two girls adore each other, but watching them together all day warmed my heart. 
 They held hands as they walked. 
 They are both very interested in animals and shared facts with each other and us. 
They never interrupted each other and they truly listened. 
It was so nice to see another little girl who is so very similar to Lollipop Pop. 
The black swan and lemurs were content to watch us watch them before we headed to experience the Winged Wonders Bird Show. 
  It always fascinates me what these birds can do. 
 The show focuses on facts and common misconceptions about birds. 
Did you know that the Chicken Hawk is actually a term used for three different hawks including the red tailed hawk? 
 They don't eat chickens.
Rodents are their snack of choice and are fundamental in keeping those populations in check.
Most birds have a very poor sense of smell, debunking the tale that touching a baby bird will cause its parents to abandon the nest. 
 One exception to the smelling fact is the turkey vulture and I must say these guys are unattractive.
It is very cool to have birds fly right above our head level on several occasions.
The girls checked out their wing span.
Sugar Plum Fairy's has changed in 5 years.

Once the bird show was over, we ate lunch and realized that we needed to step up the pace to see the rest before departure time. 
The elephants were enjoying the 90+* temps with a dust bath.
I am glad I am not an elephant.

Feeding the giraffes was on the girl's must do list, so away we went.

Sugar Plum Fairy is doing a report on giraffes in her class soon and it was fun to hear the tid-bits of information she knew.
Timmy and Lily are spending some time in the Tropical  Rain Forest with all sorts of critters.

After and locating all wayward children and parents we took class pictures together and headed home.
I felt like this gal.

Any day I get to spend with my kidnicks in their environment is such a blessing to me. 
 I am truly one lucky Mommy.

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