Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Veggies on the Horizon

I finally made it to the lumber yard yesterday with two girls in tow.
  I have been planning on updating our vegetable garden and expanding it with raised beds for ages. 
I made a couple several years ago, but am anxious for more...might just be spring fever, though.
 I have a plan...I drew my ideas on paper and my hubby did not balk!
He didn't jump for joy, either, but that's okay. 
I am sure he is thinking it is another of my hair brained ideas. 
 Nice on paper, but maybe not so much in reality. 
Anyway....Lollipop Pop and I sorted through the 8 foot long boards to find good ones and then tracked down a man to cut some of them in half for us.
 I had measured the car to make sure the boards would fit...probably.
Working together, we managed to maneuver them around the center seat headrests and place them so I was unhindered and none would fall on Sugar Plum Fairy's noggin in the back. 

I posted the picture on Instagram last night and my sister immediately commented...
"You ARE our mother! Well, maybe not...you didn't make her walk home carrying it!"
I laughed so hard! 
See, I am convinced that my Mom was a carpenter or construction worker in another life. 
Whenever Dad was away on a fire or at meetings for several days, Mom had a project....a front porch railing....a kitchen wall...tearing out a rock fountain that was taller than me and held together with concrete.
What I had forgotten until last night. was the fact that my sister and I carried a board that would not fit in our car home from the lumberyard. 
Granted the distance was only 5 miles....in the snow...uphill... but we did it! 
I also remember her sending us out of the car on the side of the road one day to get a piece of discarded concrete pipe that she wanted to make a plant stand out of....not discarded after all...sticking out of the ground and firmly attached. 
It's a wonder we survived. 
Child labor laws or some such thing MUST have been broken.
Okay...I'm off to build.
Wish me luck!

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Melinda said...

It is a scary thing when we have become our mothers! ;) I laughed out loud at the concrete pipe!