Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Shaggy" No More?

 Shaggy called me recently and asked if I could change his moniker here. 
I readily agreed...he hasn't been Shaggy since February 2010. 
When I began blogging in 2009, he most definitely was.
Since we are gearing up for the local fair again, I thought I'd take us all down memory lane.

I must say there are things about his high school career that I would like to forget, but being in 4-H, FFA and the Ag department is not on of them. 
The friendships he made there are priceless. 
The lessons, invaluable.
A friend told me recently that "dirt and country is in that boy's blood". 
 She's right.
Anyway, his hair was long...and shaggy-ish. 
(Truth be told, I loved it when it was long. 
Probably because it reminded me of when he was little)
I remember vividly one weekend that I returned home from the coast and caught a glimpse of a man in the doorway of the garage that I didn't recognize. 
I wondered what friend Shaggy had over and then realized it WAS Shaggy. 
In the years since, his hair has gotten shorter. 
So...I need your help.
  He needs and wants a new nickname.
My folks like "Lanky".
He all but vetoed that. (Sorry, Mom and Dad)
Will you help?


Rebcam said...

Chris came up with Hot Rod.

Shaggster said...

Any suggestions anyone? This the one and only Shaggy, but a new name is defiantly in the making!

Jensamom23 said...

My Aunt Maria says Shaggy is the spitting image of your Grandfather and her daughter concurred. That daughter says Mr. Magoo (you'll have to ask Pepe "WHY") Sharon agreed on the look alike..Mr. B?

Melinda said...

Sorry Mr. Shag-Man - in my mind you are and forever will be Shaggy. :)If it helps - my own kids feel your pain.