Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Pranked Myself!

Growing up, April Fool's Day was a big deal. 
The best joke I remember playing on Dad ended up getting HIM in trouble with his wife AND mother. 
My Grandma B. was visiting and we had exchanged Dad's dark brown shampoo with maple syrup. 
I remember sneaking behind Dad as he was on his way to the shower. 
My sister and I had our ears up against the door waiting for a yell or a laugh or anything....
Dad is a master of the poker face...straight face gotchas. 
What he didn't reckon for was a tongue lashing from his mother and wife for not playing along with his girls. 
As I am writing this, I am reminded of other pranks that he took part in WITH his mother.
There are some doozies.
A new blog post topic has been born! 
 Aunt Jan and Aunt Maria will be my accomplices, Dad. 
Be warned. 
Anyway, as I was thinking back to what I have done, I was searching for this prank I played on Shaggy
It was not on April Fool's Day, but it was epic!
I also was reminded of what I did several years ago....wish I had remembered this on Tuesday, but alas, I didn't. 
Somewhere I read about changing the language on a Smartphone. 
 I thought that would be easy and relatively harmless. order to make sure I would be able to accomplish this in the wee hours of the morning and quickly, I decided to practice on MY phone.
It worked!
Very cool. 
Everything was in Chinese...I think. 
 Perfect prank to play on my Hubby and Lollipop Pop 
The problem I discovered next was the fact that because I do not read Chinese and the language resembles nothing of English, I had no idea how to change MY PHONE back. 
 Yup....I pranked myself.
I did end up figuring it out by going step by step, using my daughter's phone as a guide.
I changed Hubby's phone to Portuguese (which he has not even uttered a comment about...think I married a man with the same evilness as my father) and Lollipop Pop's to Spanish. Figured after 3 years of high school Spanish, she could manage.
 Not the greatest pranks, but whatever. 
I did put blue dye in Sugar Plum Fairy's cereal bowl so when she poured the milk in she had a surprise. 
She was not overjoyed.
She DID, however, love the grilled cheese sandwich in her lunch box.

Actually toasted pound cake and orange frosting.
All in all, pretty calm around here.
 How about you? 
 Any fun tricks this year?
Also, very special birthday wishes to one of the great women I know. 
Sharon has been a dear friend to my folks since I was knee high to a grasshopper. 
We love you! 
We miss you more than you can fathom and we had better see you soon and be able to give you hugs in person.
So there!
Sharon and Dick at home in their Mexican Casa

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Melinda said...

Laughing out loud! No pranks here this year. Bummer. My best one ever was when I baked cupcakes for the kids with salt instead of sugar. But that was several years ago - I need to up my game!