Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Are you a hugger? 
 Did you know that there is more to a hug that what is seen on the surface?
 We know that a nurturing hug from a parent to a child offers a sense of safety...

...but did you know that a proper hug can actually strengthen you immune system?

The hugs we receive as children are imprinted in us on a cellular level and boost our self esteem as adults.
Hugs are like meditation in that they help us let go and be present in the... well...present.

Hugs can help alleviate loneliness and anger by the immediate release of oxytocin.
Research shows that hugging (and laughing) can help in the healing of sickness, depression, anxiety and disease. 
The entire article takes just a couple minutes to read and can be found here...
It also states that 4 hugs a day are needed for survival and up to 12 for growth. 
So, get going. 
 Let's hug more and be happier and certainly can't hurt.


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