Thursday, April 24, 2014

Girls in Pink

Powder Puff Football is a bit more intense than I had reckoned for. 
Lollipop Pop was on the Junior team trying to take down the Seniors.
They practiced quite a bit and were ready. 
D was trying to lead her team in a cheer but the girls were intent on finalizing their strategy.
Or maybe just sizing up their competition.
My niece was the QB.
She passed and handed off.  
Lollipop Pop caught passes and grabbed flags
The girls did their jobs well.
 If B runs like the wind (which she does)...
 ...D is like a tornado. 
She runs like the wind, but twists and turns and throws people off in her wake. 
She is a really sweet girl in addition.
 In the end, two Junior touchdowns were called back and the Seniors officially won.

 I think it was fixed. 
 I am filing a formal complaint.
Not really.
 Well, maybe.
At least the cupcakes were good.

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