Tuesday, April 1, 2014

College Spring Break

Shaggy is home from college for Spring Break and brought two friends with him. 
 S(in the purple) is from China and J(in the white) is from the Sacramento area. 
N(in the black) is a friend from here. 
Anyway. the boys arrived home Friday night and missed the earthquake that was centered very near their school. 
Yeah...the perks to living in California. 
Anyway, they spent a couple days here, in the country and had a great time before heading up to Sacramento more the rest of the week. 
 Riding quads for the first time, target shooting and rousing WII and Guitar Hero tournaments were done in abundance with more friends.
With Shaggy being away from home, it was a pleasure and privilege to meet his new friends and be able to welcome them into our home. 
 Looking forward to the next time they visit.
They had been introduced to a local dairy's milk and had to make a last minute trip to the store for more to take with them.
 It really is THAT good!
They asked for a photo to commemorate the event. 

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