Friday, April 25, 2014

Blast to the Past

What a difference 4 years make. 
These pictures were taken on March 20, 2010. 
There had been quite a bit of snow in the mountains and the lake above our town needed to release water. 
If I am correct in my thinking, that is also when the water capacity of the lake had been lowered because a government agency deemed our dam unsafe
Anywhooo...when that happened, we had water running in the slough on the edge of our property.
 I remember the water being ice cold, but the kids could not pass up the series of events that led to us having riverfront property for a few days.
 This picture is taken from the same bank two days ago.
Scary dry.
Oh...on a side note...apparently the dam is actually safe now...nothing done to it...just a swipe of a pen in Sacramento. 
Who me? 


Michelle said...

Looks like the kids know how to enjoy the moment :)

klutzymama said...

Wow, huge difference! I didn't realize that you guys were having a dry spell. Probably because we were buried under snow for so long.