Monday, April 14, 2014


We are fortunate to have a special treasure in the foothills near our town.
SCICON (Science/Conservation) is a place where 6th graders in our county (as well as a neighboring county, I think) spend one week in nature
The students sleep in cabins and go on hikes, visit the museums and Planetarium. 
There is singing, exploring and gobs of fun.
 It truly is awesome!
   Each year, there is a BBQ put on for the community to spend the day and enjoy the great outdoors.  Sugar Plum Fairy and I decided to attend and spend some time together. 
Wildflowers are on display with names and interesting facts about each.

The wildflowers were indeed everywhere and the weather was lovely in the 80's.

Local  students in the Conservation Corp volunteer their time helping and local musicians provide entertainment. 
This truly a community effort and appreciated by all who visit,.
We walked up the hill in the girls' village and found the cabin I slept in ages and ages ago.
Each cabin happens to be named after a town in the county.

I was in Dinuba, which also happens to be the name of the town in which my
Grandparents and Dad settled in after leaving South Dakota in the1930's.
  I always thought it was pretty cool. 
Even more cool was visiting with my Dad for a few minutes. 
 He volunteers his time with the American Society of Foresters
 All in all, a terrific way to spend a couple hours with one of my most favorite people.




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Melinda said...

Temps in the 80's and wildflowers?! Beautiful! And time with your dad and daughter makes it even more perfect!