Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Moon, A Campout and 2 Scaredy Cats

Did you stay up to watch the Blood Red Moon on Monday night?
  The girls and I did. 
We gathered nearly every blanket in the house and set up camp on the trampoline. 
I took one single picture at the beginning and decided I didn't want to be bothered. 
I think we were all a bit disappointed that it didn't appear, to our naked eyes, more vividly.
Lollipop Pop's chemistry teacher explained it had to do with the cones and rods in our eyes.
The girls sang the soundtrack to Frozen and we had a great time laughing and just enjoying each other. 
 Hubby came out a couple times and peered into the sky but wanted no part in the tomfoolery.
Lollipop Pop had school the next day, so she left us after the eclipse became full, but Sugar Plum Fairy and I decided to stay out all night...until the dog started growling and barking at something.  Coyotes, more than likely.
We are big babies.
We grabbed the flashlights and our pillows and went inside.
Even though the moon wasn't what I expected fully, seeing the eclipse and spending this time with our girls is a memory that we will always share with smiles.

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Melinda said...

What a sweet memory! My girls stayed up - but I was the old lady that slept through it!