Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Water Perspective

I talked about perspective yesterday and was thinking about how it also pertains to our water situation. 
Personally, we are now third-ish in line to have a new Ag well dug...
We started that process in August when our domestic well needed work.
 Perspective played a part as we ran a temporary pipeline from the neighbor's well to irrigate our walnuts.
It was a hassle for everyone involved, but that band-aid saved our crop. 
After the walnut harvest, we irrigated this way one more time before sending our trees into a state of dormancy. 
That would buy us some time through the winter. 
.  While we are having a horrid year, rain and snow-pack wise, our state should have and could have been better prepared. 
When the President visited our state recently, he threw money at the problem to refill food banks and help ranchers recoup their cost if cattle die. 
 He figures that will solve the problem or at least make most people think he is helping.
Oh yes... he then immediately spent time in the Palm Springs area at a lush, green golf resort.
Perspective...his versus the rest of us.
Our governor has asked us all to conserve water.
We already are! 
There are coastal towns that are already allowed a small number of gallons of water a month.
This drought is not just caused by this season is manmade.
What REALLY irritates me is the utter lack of understanding that the farmers in this state (and elsewhere) are masters of water conservation. 
They also provide more food than one can imagine. 
Thousands of acres are not being planted because farmers are receiving a whopping 0% of their water allocation this year. 
What happens when we do not grow enough food to feed our citizens? 
We buy from countries whose pesticide usage and other safety measures are not nearly up to our standards. 
THAT is frightening.
But.maybe it will gain the attention and action of the politicians in charge.
There are groups that state they are protecting the environment. and a small, NON NATIVE  fish...owls who have proven to adapt on their own without human "help".
Farmers were the first environmentalists in the truest sense of the word. 
They take care of their land in order to grow that we require.
What will happen if this state continues to keep their head buried in the sand and allow nearly 100 thousand acre feet of water to flow into the ocean after a recent storm rather than divert it and send it to the farmers who feed the world?
There is an excellent article that sums all of this up that recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal. 
Take a peak at it and pass it along. 
 Thank You.

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Country Gal said...

Amen. Preach it sister! I just wish people would listen. What a big fat government mess!