Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sterling, Colorado and Friends

 Last week, while Lollipop Pop was on Spring Break, she and I did something we have never done before. 
 We jumped on an airplane and flew to Colorado!
 We looked at colleges and visited with a dear friend who took her Senior pictures. 
When we arrived in Denver, it was in the midst of some snow and heavy duty winds. 
 Denice suggested staying in Denver for the night might be advisable rather that driving 100 miles to their home since I am an inexperienced weather driver...remember I live in California which has had no weather in the past several years.  
  Anyway, we heeded her advise and we hunkered down in an airport hotel. 
Wednesday morning dawned bright and beautiful.
 Our friendly shuttle driver delivered us to the car rental location and away we went.
I must say also, that the people of Colorado that we encountered were all very friendly and helpful...such a nice treat!   
Now, I have been fortunate to travel to  many countries, but for some reason, not a lot in the U.S. 
 I knew Denver is the Mile High City and all, but had not thought of the flatness of the area we were going.

We arrived in Sterling and met Denice and her three kidnicks for lunch. 
Denice and her husband used to live in our area before moving to Colorado about 3 years ago. 
We had never met their daughter before, as Denice was pregnant when they deserted us. 
After lunch and a tour of their property, Lollipop Pop and I went back to our hotel in preparation for the photo session.

  I got to stay with the kidnicks while the model and her photographer went on their merry way. 
  Little Miss was sleeping so I got to play with the boys for a couple hours.
 The oldest has a knack with animals and is a true helper. 
He is kind and thoughtful and the man of the house when his Daddy is working.

Mr. T just turned 4 and is all boy. 
 He taught me how to throw snowballs at the shed and I do believe would NEVER tire from being swung on the swings. 
He showed me how to properly plow and rake the garden in preparation for planting watermelons.

The homestead is so peaceful and filled with character. 
 It really is lovely.


Denice is combing through more that 1,000 shots of Lollipop Pop, but did share a couple.
I truly am not certain how she has grown up so darn fast!
After dinner together, we retired for the evening with plans to meet the following morning for  a few more shots at the park. 
Our windshield on Thursday morning.
I got to play again while Denice worked.  
These kidnicks are so much fun and full of energy. 
It is odd to be able to remember vividly how exhausting this age is for a parent. 
Someone is constantly in motion and needing something. 
 It really feels like yesterday that I was chasing this little girl around the park and wondering if I would ever feel rested and important to anyone other than she and her brother again.
I remember feeling invisible other than to meet their basic needs.

When kidnicks are little, being a Mommy can feel thankless and all encompassing.
Looking at my two oldest children now, I realize that all of those thankless and exhausting days were worth it. 
A sweet hug or an "I love you" out of the blue could erase any hurt.
I would give most anything to have those grubby, sticky kisses return for an instant. 
After those shots were taken, we visited a great little store downtown where Denice sells her Hi Ho Silver Spoon items as well.
 The courthouse and post office are gorgeous old buildings and the residential streets are filled with quaint homes and parks.
What a great place to raise a family.


Saying so long is always bittersweet and we are hoping to visit sooner rather than later again. 

I am so proud of the life that Denice and her husband are making for their sweet family. 
 She is a terrific Mommy, entrepreneur, photographer, wife and I am blessed to call her friend.
(If you are in the Eastern Plains area of Colorado and in need of a photographer, give her a look see)




Michelle said...

Beautiful shot of your girl. And, sounds like a wonderful time with an old friend.

Country Gal said...

Wow! That girl of yours is beautiful! What a sweet "once-in-a-lifetime" trip to take together!