Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Preparing for Lent

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday thus beginning the
period of Lent. 
While I was not raised in the Catholic Church, we were always aware of what this meant...basically. 
As the mother who promised many years ago to raise her children as Catholics, I have learned a lot. 
 I am still learning.
 Sugar Plum Fairy is very inquisitive and unafraid to ask anything.
Many times I have to find the correct and proper answers. 
This link appeared recently from our Parish's Youth Ministry and helped me with the words to share with her. 
The explanation is simple, straightforward and relevant in today's world. 
Growing up, we always marked Shrove Tuesday with a pancake dinner. 
It is my understanding that the custom began with the need to use all frivolous things in the house like eggs, fat and butter before the somber season of Lent began.
 How about you? 

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Michelle said...

I was not raised as a Catholic, but most of my friends were while I was growing up. Many Baptist Churches in my area recognize the season of Lent.