Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This year has taught me a lot about perspective. 
 Life happens...sometimes stinky, ugly things happen and we can choose how to look at those things.  We can choose to be ugly and stinky about the situation or put on a brave and smiling attitude and get on with it. 
 My Mom was diagnosed with cancer at Thanksgiving last year. 
 Successful surgery followed two weeks before Christmas. 
We were all worried, but do you know what she told the surgeon? 
She told him he could remove whatever he wanted  as long as he left her sense of humor in place. 
The cuff came from Becky's shop...the gold heart bracelet is from my hubby and the brightly colored one is a one of a kind created by Sugar Plum Fairy
After a week in the hospital and a week at home recovering from her first surgery ever, we celebrated Christmas together with my sister and her family.   
A couple minor tweaks and Christmas night was much as it always has been.
 I think it might have been a little more heartfelt and meaningful this year.
I can tell you that Mom's sense of humor was indeed left intact and it was much needed for a bit in the beginning of this journey.
 It wasn't too long after the first of the year that Mom was back to attending her spinning and weaving gatherings. 
 She began gardening again.
She is as ornery, charismatic and loving as she always has been. 
She has just finished her second round of Chemo with absolutely no adverse side effects.
Cancer is such an ugly disease, but she and my Dad have chosen to live each day as they always have...with purpose and perspective.
My parents are still leading by example.

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Country Gal said...

What a beautiful example it is too! How very blessed you are!