Thursday, March 27, 2014


My mom sent this video to me last night and she was right. 
It is laugh out loud funny.
I also find it comical that she sent it to me when she was supposedly gathering their tax stuff AND that I was laughing out loud and re-posting when I was supposed to be gathering OUR tax stuff. 
 At least it's not April 14th yet.
Anyway, I am a lover of paper. 
While I enjoy my Kindle, I adore books...the real ones. 
 I like the smell...the feel...the way they look...everything. 
 I also am a paper list maker. 
I just can't get into the groove of making a To Do list on an electronic device. 

1 comment:

barb said...

Love it! I laughed too!

I am pretty much a paper person also. When Coach was switching the LLU site to mobile I had to ask for the print button back, since I print my daily meal plans.